You feel it in your gut: There’s more than just ‘this.’ But how?

Spiritual growth should be practical and attainable.

You are already doing amazing things in life. This is clear by adding up all of your achievements. Is there more than this though?

What does your success mean and what will it lead to? Is this what life is all about? Is there a deeper spiritual connection available to you that could help you find the answers you seek? We think so. .

Our approach is for motivated individuals seeking a deeper experience of living. It’s for those who are excited to experience teachings that go beyond the usual meditation practices to redirect your physical energy to become clear on your life's purpose. We want to work with people who are sick of stifling their intuition and deeply know that spiritual growth is practical growth.

Feeling stuck is painful.

It may feel like your days are hollow, without deeper meaning. Or you question your decisions at work, when you used to have such certainty. You’re a leader in your field, but the achievement seems pointless. Or you’re quick to react to your partner or lose patience with your kids. Conversations that should be effortless escalate into miscommunication. Or your body feels heavy and a burden to carry. You wonder when you lost the ability to feel joy, or if you ever had it.

Stress, overwhelm, pain or grief can shift the brain into survival mode, which means your higher brain functions shut down. So you can’t think clearly. Engage thoughtfully. Or express your full creativity. Your well-being suffers – physically, emotionally, spiritually. And even while you sense – you know – you’re capable of operating at a higher state, you just can’t seem to get there.

The good news is, it’s waiting within you. And there’s a way to reach it.

"I have been sleeping more and feeling more content completely naturally. I no longer feel overwhelmed at work and I have a new appreciation for my life."


You’re committed to a deeper experience.

You recognize that transformation is always worth the investment and you want every last drop you can squeeze out of this amazing life. Let's get to work. We will be with you every step of the way. We offer self paced, live zoom classes, or you can build your own group to grow with.

Our approach isn’t a fit if you believe the answers to greater fulfillment lie outside of you, or if you’re closed to the wisdom of ancient traditions or the insights of science. It’s not for you if you’re looking for a guru to follow, or to devote yourself to a spiritual guide. And it’s not right if you’d rather lay blame and leave action on the table.

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"Felt a little discomfort in my sinuses and head then it melted away. Feel cool inside like a column of cool air is floating along my spine and heart area. Practiced today and again am amazed by how immediate it is in lifting clouds of negative thinking."


Start your journey to a more joyful, purposeful and evolved life.

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