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Meditation is a good starting point. We take it further.

From research on Buddhist monks to lab studies on patients with heart disease, its benefits for health and well-being are well-documented.

Studies show meditation is more potent than a drink to relieve stress. Better than a pill for great sleep. Effective in combating depression. As profound as a psychedelic in opening your mind to new perspectives. And a path to improving relationships with others and with ourselves.

Our evolved approach goes further to help you clear away the fog and allow your higher levels of consciousness to guide you in your everyday life – in your career, at home and within.

It can help you..

Sleep better at night because you trust the decisions you made at work.

Engage fully in your career because you have an inner conviction about your path.

Cultivate healthier relationships with your partner or kids because you’re emotionally calm and balanced.

Experience ease in communications because your mind is sharp and clear.

Feel physically lighter and comfortable because you’re well-rested and less stressed.

Access states of joy because you know how to free yourself from traumas in your past and lingering negative thought patterns.

We invite you to discover how to engage your full potential through evolved meditation.


It’s our honor to support you.

We’re honored to share the experiences of our clients who have experienced transformative healing and growth.


“This journey for me has been incredible. When I started the program, I was questioning my happiness, was anxious, and disconnected. Throughout the 4 weeks I have felt a joy that I haven’t felt since I was a child. I’m more connected to myself, to my work, and to my higher self. I feel more confident and feel as though I’m more easily able to achieve what I want- and know where I’m going. I can’t wait to continue my journey. I’m so grateful to Adam and Jacyntha.”

Isabel S., NYC


“When I do the practice I use visuals to keep my focus. Generally, that appears as waves of flowing energy. It allows me to escape into the idea of being liquid or flowing, I think in the visuals of my body slowly liquifying and energy being sent through my spine and nerves like a fuse being lit over and over again in multiple directions. My body, in my mind, is transparent and I’m watching the flow of energy through my physical self. When we make contacts I see a large spark, like when you first lite the fuse of a firework, in the locations I tap to fire up the explosion of energy to help me embody it even more.”

Danny Marandola, New York City NY


“I have a new awareness of the infinity within me and how much of it I’ve yet to explore, and of how vital subtle- body and corporal body movement is to my well-being. I also have a new understanding of how to direct energy. I have a much clearer idea of who I am and what I stand for: my mission in this lifetime. I have noticed a softening of the physical and a deepening of the spiritual overall. I feel inspired about my power to create heaven on earth that I haven’t had for a very long time. I feel more of a peacefulness with death and an understanding of changeability: something that I had previously found very frightening, but now see the exciting potential.”

Jessica Tunick Berens, Boston MA


“I am now more fully aware of the evolution of consciousness and that integration and healing in clear stages are possible for each of us with support. I love that there is clear path without needing to follow a particular religious paradigm for embodied wisdom/spirit. This embodied approach to spirituality can help with very specific everyday goals & tasks. It’s not only important but totally accessible to wake up the physical energy as one engages in the higher consciousness work. Then it becomes more seamless, there is less striving for enlightenment, more surrendering to divine flow & wisdom.”

Laura Shakun, Psy.D., Boston MA


“Thank you both! I have new perspectives on the vast beyond, that ego is not a bad word and I’m now aware that I want to keep a committed meditation practice I have noticed that my physical anxiety has lessened incredibly (hyperhidrosis), some of my visions are manifesting such as more easily finding and making deep soul friends, I have the information that I need and whatever next step I need to take seems to appear more easily. I do not feel the despair I did in January / February (and for years prior). I feel energy more deeply (tingles, waves of energy, temperature changes, chills is how my body tells me that things are true).”

Melanie C., Boston MA


“I no longer dwell on the things that upset or make me sad. I focus on all of the amazing gifts that I have in my life. I have had some incredible healing. I have learned to hold on to the lessons and let go of the pain. I have started working out on a daily basis and in general make myself a priority. I had never had any deep feelings about human consciousness and spirituality in the past, but now I can see that there is so much more to each person than I ever dreamt before. The energy and power we all hold is awesome.”

Deborah Frank, Boston MA


“As a recent college grad who just entered the boisterous world, I felt I was too busy living a mechanical life that made me overlook my mental and physical health. Leval has provided a life-changing experience by offering a series of meditation and introspection workshops. I was truly able to find mental peace and inner satisfaction in times of such uncertainty. ”

Shreen Bhansali, NY


“I now use this method as a tool to help me focus my energy within myself. I've learned how to direct energy/consciousness toward specific areas within my body and around me. When I feel anxious about something or any other negative emotions, I take a few minutes to call on salutogenesis to help center myself. This helps me to tap into my subconscious self and break through to the underlying issues. I really enjoyed the shadow work and confronting the parts of me that I tend to not think about or bury down.”

Brandon Robb, Bay Area CA


“I have a new perspective on the ideas of the subtle body and soul, I feel like I have a new awakening of how to talk to people who are into religion. I will take away the salutogenic and the vortexes. I have been drinking (alcohol) significantly less which was something I was meaning to do. With an overall shift in my mental process, I feel more aware of my relationships with people, and I’m questioning some. I actually never thought I could live alone but after doing this process I seem to really enjoy my alone time.”

David Hernandez, NYC


“Every time I practice meditation a deep joy opens up inside me, the feeling of being part of a bigger life and that the main energy and source of this life is love. Once I had the same sensations I had when I gave birth to my children, as if that channel of breathing was the channel of life itself with all its wonderful, powerful and inexplicable mystery. I judge others and myself less and look at people with more love. And also live with more hope, am thinking that…problems are not insurmountable. When I do the practice and then go into my daily meditation, I notice that I am more grounded in my body, more focused and I feel a greater sense of calm.”

Irene M, Germany


“I have been sleeping more and feeling more content completely naturally. I have been falling asleep earlier and waking up easier in the mornings and drinking less coffee. Anyone who knows me knows I am typically awake until at least 2:00am and drink 3-4 cups of coffee on average per day. This wasn’t even something I was trying to change, but I just haven’t really felt the urge as strongly.”

David H, NYC


“Felt a little discomfort in my sinuses and head then it melted away… Feel cool inside like a column of cool air is floating along my spine and heart area. Practiced today and again am amazed by how immediate it is in lifting clouds of negative thinking.”

Rebecca W, Brooklyn NY


“I've been able to then focus the energy from the chill up to my brain and into my front part of my brain. Once it's there I can sort of hold in place for a while. Afterwards I have noticed a significant heightened cognitive ability for a while afterwards. Crazy stuff.”

Brandon Rob, Bay Area California

"I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my marriage and everyday happiness with my family. My wife and I are getting along better than ever lately, and I’ve been more appreciative of my kids and the time we spend together."

Brandon R. - California

"I’ve been up front with my work about my career goals, as well as with my family about my personal needs and I’m taking steps to make sure I’m moving in the right direction. This has been a source of anxiety for me in the past, so I’m proud of my ability to get ahead of it and be shamelessly clear about what I want."

Leslie B. - New York


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