Efficient. Effective. Transformational.

Everyone has access to a higher state of being.

The Leval Method is a unified and practical approach to spiritual and personal development.

The foundation of the practice begins with refining your physical awareness. We then teach you how to recognize subtle energy systems at play in your body, and how to engage them in ways that change your stressed physiology into a thrive state.

Our approach synthesizes a unique physical practice with guided meditations and energy awareness, along with the development of a clear vision for your dreams and goals. With this coherent combination of practices that draw on both ancient and modern wisdom, positive change becomes inevitable. Designed to be integrated into everyday life through efficient and effective meditations.

This powerful practice quickly becomes your new state of being, freeing you to experience a more joyful, purposeful and evolved life.

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You’ll learn to identify how chronic stress, trauma, anxiety and negative experiences create energy blocks in your mind and body, which hold you back from unleashing your greatest potential.

Through a series of practical and attainable lessons and exercises, you’ll learn to move, open and dissolve these internal blocks so your energy is free to impact your life in the ways you most deeply desire.


There’s a deeper experience within your reach.

There’s a world of spiritual practices available to us, yet many of them feel impractical, or strange and inaccessible.

We’re told to follow a certain guru, devote ourselves to a particular philosophy or religion, or engage in years of study to experience the changes we want to see in our lives. Access to a higher spiritual state can seem like it’s reserved for a special few.

While meditation is a powerful tool that’s available to everyone, the physiology of stress can make it feel impossible to do the very things meditation requires: Sit quietly, empty your mind and wait patiently for change. Instead, your mind spins, your body feels tight and tense, and emotions arise that distract you from your purpose. The process can feel like it’s not going anywhere and that you’re wasting precious time.

And even with an established meditation or spiritual practice, you may feel frustrated or stuck, like you’re missing out on a deeper, more connected experience. One that brings your inner and outer worlds together and moves the needle, so you can see and feel the effects in your everyday life.

The great news:
You are your own "guru."

We don’t believe you need an outside guru, religion or years of study to access your own spiritual insight and growth. Our approach provides successful, intelligent and motivated leaders and spiritual seekers with an efficient and active process to access your inner resources and experience tangible results.

No outside gurus required.

Spirituality doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s start with where you are today.

Our approach begins in the body, where you learn to transcend suffering and tap into your own energy to heal and thrive. We give you practical tools and techniques to advance your own personal and professional transformation forward in real time.


Get practical benefits for a higher state of living.

The simple act of bringing attention to your body, and the subtler energy systems at play within it, can lead to expanded self-awareness and a greater sense of calm.

Combined with the techniques of guided meditation, energy awareness, visualization and life-mapping, the effects are nothing short of life-changing. Our unified approach changes your perspective and creates new neural pathways for new habits, so your mind and body become a source of delight, creativity and health.

The Leval Method will help you learn to release the effects of stress, heal past trauma, address obstacles and challenges, transform painful emotions, and transcend negative experiences. You’ll learn to approach everyday situations with an expansive perspective by opening to higher spiritual states and engaging your inner energy..

  • 01Greater cognitive clarity
  • 02Healing from trauma and depression
  • 03Relief from anxiety and pain
  • 04Release from limiting self-beliefs
  • 05Increased awareness and gratitude
  • 06Access to grace and forgiveness
  • 07Feelings of flow, balance and abundance
  • 08Improved health and physical enlightenment
  • 09Spiritual connectedness
  • 10Professional engagement and growth
  • 11A sense of fulfillment and purpose


Start your journey to a more joyful, purposeful and evolved life.

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