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Ancient wisdom meets modern science.

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The tools to pursue your soul’s purpose.

Leval’s courses marry personal development and spiritual awakening to enable a new human experience. Choose from options within each program that meet your budget, schedule, and learning style.


Go ahead—surprise yourself.

When your inner source energy is released, the results are transformative. Don’t settle for rare glimpses of the person you sense you can be. Step into and inhabit your fully actualized self. 


Transform suffering into inspiration through our innovative techniques to not just uncover trauma but to actually heal from it.


Begin hearing the wisdom of the universe that lives within you, and move forward with newfound ease and confidence.


Tap into a powerful energy and a map of consciousness that’s uniquely your own, with the help of practical tools and practices.

Level I: Foundation

Start your journey with this 1-month foundational course. You’ll learn the most powerful and efficient body-based practice to immediately change your stressed physiology into a thrive state.

This practice gently and safely changes your brain patterning to create an inner environment that makes meditation increasingly pleasant—so you can reap the benefits of meditation more quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Level II: Transformation

Explore deeper facets of the foundational teachings and create a comprehensive map of your consciousness in this 3-month course. Here you will learn, define, source, and create all you need for trauma healing, spiritual awakening, deepening  wisdom, and life transformation to finally take root. Human beings transform most powerfully when the physical, psychological, and cognitive are all engaged. Most methods draw on only one, creating an imbalance in our day-to-day lives.

In this course, you will apply the tools and teachings from the Foundation course to a comprehensive map for spiritual awakening, psychological transformation, and physiological evolution.  

Level III: Realization

Having learned the tools and integrated the map of human consciousness, our clients love to stay connected and aligned on their path of evolution. We created the Realization  Membership Community to continue to share our experiences, answer questions, perfect the techniques, deepen the healing process, and receive support and inspiration.

Besides the ongoing chat room, we also meet monthly by Zoom, offer regular resources, and host intensive retreats to expand your path to healing and enlightenment.


Life-changing results.


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