These are practices for a lifetime.

You were made for more.

You were made for more to open to higher spiritual states and engage your innate power to create the life you most desire.

Our signature three-part, sequential series synthesizes a unique physical practice with guided meditations, energy awareness and targeted exercises that help you create a clear vision for your life that’s supported and fueled by your newfound inner energy.

Designed to be integrated into everyday life, you’ll learn an efficient protocol that provides tangible, transformative results, beginning with our one-month Foundation course. Rather than requiring years of study, the practice quickly becomes a state of being, while teaching you to become your own most-trusted guide.


Three courses. A life transformed.

Our courses are created and led by renowned bodywork therapist Adam Cook.

Adam teaches the Leval Method in a step-by-step series of practical and attainable lessons and exercises through live and recorded Zoom classes and guided meditations. Our online learning platform is the home for community connection and interaction. It includes access to all course materials, including workbooks and recordings.

Select from self-paced or live classes.

Choose from self-paced or live classes for our one-month Foundation or three-month Transformation courses. Membership in our Realization group provides ongoing community support and accountability for you to sustain and advance your training, growth and development. If you prefer to work privately, or you’re ready to take your practice further, one-on-one or small group VIP sessions are also available.

Each course is designed to be taken in succession, and ongoing home practice is efficient and effective, so you can integrate your practice into your daily routine in as little as 20 minutes a day.




1 month


Self-Paced or Live Weekly Classes

Also Includes:

Guided Audio Meditations and Foundations Course Workbook



Understanding Your Physical and Subtle Bodies

Discover the subtle forms of energy at play in your body and how to harness and direct them to experience physical and emotional healing, relief from stress, and higher spiritual states of consciousness.


An Introduction to Your Infinite Universal Source Energy

Learn where the five primary vortexes in your body are located and how to channel your own Infinite Universal Source Energy to engage them to release yourself from resistance and allow for greater ease and flow.


Practicing the Infinite Energy Protocol

Through a unique combination of focused visualization, gentle physical contact and powerful rhythmic breathing, learn how to free pent-up energy in your body and create an energy circuit to engage all five vortexes in a state of flow that engages your body, brain and ever-expanding consciousness.


Finding Direction with Your Informed Inner Compass

Learn how to discover and define your own unique Informed Inner Compass to know your soul’s most fulfilling goals and dreams, and how to access your inner power and all the support you will need to manifest your vision.




2 months


Self-Paced or Live Weekly Classes

Also Includes:

Guided Audio Meditations and Transformation Course Workbook




Foundation Course

The Vital Context of Self-Love

Discover how to develop a deep inner foundation of self-love, which serves as the ground and source for all future personal development and spiritual growth.


The Body Experience

Learn how your physical body can be a source and focus in meditation. This approach helps you develop a relationship with the most important gift and resource you will ever have in your life.


Traumas, Shadows, Pain and Coping

In this intensive class, explore the physical impact of emotional traumas and learn methods to release them and heal for inner ease, better health, more flow and greater spiritual connection.


An Introduction to Your Energy Centers

Expand your understanding of your embodied centers of energy and consciousness, or chakras. Learn how to initiate powerful physical and emotional healing in each chakra by using the Infinite Energy Protocol, along with other tools, techniques and meditations.


Review and Recall

Learn how the chakras work harmoniously together. This will also be a time to share your experiences of the whole course with other learners.


Setting Goals with Your Informed Inner Compass

Create a more advanced version of your Informed Inner Compass to continue to heal, evolve and advance your whole life with clear decisions and inspired actions. Explore ways to continue your growth and transformation.






24-7 Community Forum Access and Live Monthly Zoom Meetings




Foundation and Transformation Courses

Continued community support, plus new levels of training and education, will allow you to continue your personal growth and healing while expanding your spiritual consciousness towards more applied physical results. This private membership group gives you access to the dynamic community forum for communication and accountability, further teachings and resources, new offerings, courses and retreats.

The Benefits of Evolved Meditation

Sleep better at night because you trust the decisions you made at work.

Engage fully in your career because you have an inner conviction about your path.

Cultivate healthier relationships with your partner or kids because you’re emotionally calm and balanced.

Experience ease in communications because your mind is sharp and clear.

Feel physically lighter and comfortable because you’re well-rested and less stressed.

Access states of joy because you know how to free yourself from traumas in your past and lingering negative thought patterns.


Life-changing results.

"I have had some incredible healing through this practice. I’ve learned to hold on to the lessons and let go of the pain."

Deborah F.

"I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my marriage and everyday happiness with my family. My wife and I are getting along better than ever lately, and I’ve been more appreciative of my kids and the time we spend together."

Brandon R.

"I feel more involved in my life than before. I’m choosing things for myself instead of just letting them happen."

David H.

"Practiced today and again I’m amazed by how immediately it lifts the clouds of negative thinking."

Rebecca W.

"I have a quicker and deeper knowing of what’s true for me and how I want to handle a situation."

Melanie C.

"I’m calmer. I’m more committed to what I say and do, and there’s less separation between mind, body and soul. I make more informed and rational decisions. I’m able to think through a situation in order to see all the evidence so that I can choose wisely."

Byron D.