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Psychological transformation, physiological evolution.  

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A map for spiritual awakening.

In this 3-month course, you’ll apply Source Energy and your new physiology via a comprehensive map of consciousness, which includes Spiritual States of Awakening, the Psychological Developmental Stages of Consciousness, and the transformation of our “shadow” (and its self-sabotage).

You’ll also learn the tools for discovering your unique Soul Purpose, practical applications to your goals, and ways to access the physical vitality, emotional energy, and positive mental states you will need to create all you desire for your life.

WHY THIS level

Allow healing and wisdom to take root.

Once the Foundation is well established, you can master the heights and breadth of your consciousness. You will learn how to access and powerfully experience the three primary states of Spiritual Awakening, derived from the highest spiritual teachings through history and around the globe. Many go on to explore new levels of spiritual awakening even beyond what has been known and documented.

At the same time, you will unfold, strengthen, and repair the six primary levels of developmental psychological consciousness to have a healed psycho-emotional foundation for your awakening. You will also discover your soul’s true purpose in life, for ultimate fulfillment.

We then guide you through a process to transform your “shadow,” which is made up of unconscious patterns, blocks, and wounds that can sabotage your happiness. Finally, we help you put it all together to create a clear, comprehensive, and unique map of your psycho-emotional healing, your soul’s purpose, and all you need to live the fullest version of yourself.

Who is it for

Deepen your spiritual awakening.

Once you have completed the one-month course, you can now expand on it with the most comprehensive map of human consciousness that exists.

See and transform all that is blocking you from achieving your goals for health, finances, relationships, and spiritual enlightenment.


Renewed mind and spirit.

As your “shadow” is transformed, more fuel is released for you to create and experience boundless joy, wisdom, perspective, and success. 

How it works?

In these 12 classes (via our self-paced video course or our live Zoom calls), you will receive weekly teachings with in-class meditative experiences. You will have an e-guidebook and weekly recorded meditations for your home practice. You will have access to our group chat forum to ask questions, share experiences and get to know others in the group.

In these 12 classes, you will learn…

  • The 3 primary Spiritual Awakening States and how to access them.
  • Your Soul’s True Purpose in life and how to live this fully. 
  • Your essential Psychological Stages of Development, plus how to mend and strengthen them.
  • To transmute “Shadow” energy into greater strength and wisdom. 
  • To craft an Integral Life Map so you can make clear decisions, take new and supported actions from the highest view of your unique life.
  • And much more…

Choose your plan

Choose from tiers within each program that meet your budget, schedule, and learning style.

Option 1

Learn at your own pace, with access to Leval’s online portal.


Option 2

Includes Option 1 benefits plus weekly interactive group sessions via Zoom and access to small-group chat forums.


Option 3

Private sessions with personalized coaching and/or healing. For more information about working with us individually.


Common questions answered

Not at all. We will give you important highlights and essential information in an easy-to-understand format. While this research is fascinating—and we’re sure you’ll find it to be so too—we mostly want you to know there is scientific evidence and background to support this protocol.

Let’s connect so we can understand the specifics of your situation and help you adapt in any way possible so you can benefit from this powerful work. Please reach out to us here.

Not at all. We usually describe everything in a few different ways so you can connect in the best way for you, including common biological and medical terminology. If you’re interested, we will also give you definitions for any spiritual or yogic philosophy terms we use with links to resources where you can learn more.

Many have come to us because of this dilemma—they want the benefits of meditation, but either can’t meditate or don’t like to sit still. Because this is a body-based approach first, our clients find they are able to start with our protocol and are gradually and naturally drawn into more pleasant meditative states without force. This is one of the great advantages of this approach: you don’t need to squirm or struggle with traditional approaches to mediation. You get to create the inner physiological conditions first. Other meditation practices become much easier and more palatable after.

Of course, we ask you to consult with your physician about any type of movement or mediation practices. As you will see in our disclaimer, this does not replace any medical advice, procedures, or medication. If you have permission, we warmly welcome you into our courses to enhance your other types of support. This whole process has helped many people heal and feel calmer, more confident, and happier, as well as have more clarity and purpose in life. And each individual’s experience varies.

Please consult your physician about beginning this program. Reach out to us if you have specific questions regarding your condition, medications, and our process.

Absolutely not. How we know this is that you can espouse any other tradition and simply let any and all of this protocol and map enhance your current philosophy and beliefs. While we embrace community, we also respect and encourage each individual’s unique path and integration. Our wish and intention is to support each individual client to feel happier and more fulfilled on their unique path, ultimately defined by them. Our whole process supports each person to discover their purpose. While we encourage discipline in the physical protocol for its ever-increasing health benefits, the protocol itself is designed so that each person heals, grows, and evolves at their own pace and in their own way. The map we teach offers some integral philosophical, psychological, and spiritual perspectives, which are drawn from many traditions and perspectives. Much of the process and the map itself is created by each student by and for themselves. There is nothing else to “buy into” or join. We never want you to feel you have to lose yourself to please us or the group. Quite the opposite. We respect and encourage individuality in a healthy community.

Of course you don’t “have to.” You have choice. Many find this practice so beneficial, pleasant, efficient, and helpful that they “want to” do it regularly and can see the benefits over time. Our individual growth and evolution is infinite.

Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis and must follow certain criteria. Reach out to us here if you need assistance.


Life-changing results.


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