Change your stressed physiology to a thrive state.


Unlock a powerful, body-based intelligence.

Our approach begins in the body, where you learn to transcend and heal suffering through accessing your own untapped inner resources of energy, as well as opening new states of consciousness.

In this one-month course, you’ll learn to identify where blocked energy resides in your body and the techniques to access and engage an Infinite Universal Source Energy to change your stressed physiology to a thrive state.

In our Foundation Course, you’ll be introduced to our signature practice, the Infinite Energy Protocol.

Rooted in highly refined physical and subtle body awareness, IEP teaches you how to engage and move the energy in your body to release areas of resistance, tightness and tension.

This practice helps you understand the incredible power of your mind – and your own ability – to positively influence your physical, emotional, relational and practical reality.


Experience the Leval Method

Each of our courses synthesizes a unique physical practice with guided meditations and energy awareness, along with the development of a clear vision for your dreams and goals.

  • Guided Meditation
  • Energy Awareness
  • Visualization
  • Goal-Mapping


Course 1: Foundation


1 month


Self-Paced or Live Weekly Classes

Also includes:

Guided Audio Meditations and Foundations Course Workbook


Understanding Your Physical and Subtle Bodies

Discover the subtle forms of energy at play in your body and how to harness and direct them to experience physical and emotional healing, relief from stress, and higher spiritual states of consciousness.


An Introduction to Your Infinite Universal Source Energy

Learn where the five primary vortexes in your body are located and how to channel your own Infinite Universal Source Energy to engage them to release yourself from resistance and allow for greater ease and flow.


Practicing the Infinite Energy Protocol

Through a unique combination of focused visualization, gentle physical contact and powerful rhythmic breathing, learn how to free pent-up energy in your body and create an energy circuit to engage all five vortexes in a state of flow that engages your body, brain and ever-expanding consciousness.


Finding Direction with Your Informed Inner Compass

Learn how to discover and define your own unique Informed Inner Compass to know your soul’s most fulfilling goals and dreams, and how to access your inner power and all the support you will need to manifest your vision.

Enroll in Course I: Foundation

The next live Foundation Course begins (Maximum available date - January)

Adam Cook teach the Foundation Course through live and recorded Zoom classes and guided meditations. Live cohorts for our Foundation Course begin multiple times throughout the year. If you’ve missed an opportunity to join, or if you’re not able to attend classes live, you’re still welcome to enroll. You can participate by watching the class recordings and engaging through our online learning platform, Hivebrite, which is our home for community connection and interaction.

You can also choose to take the pre-recorded Foundation Course on your own schedule as a self-paced course. Access to all course materials, including workbooks and recordings, takes place through Hivebrite, our online learning platform. (Self-paced courses will be available in Summer 2022.)

Class Duration and Home Practice

Each class session is 1.5 hours in duration. The accompanying course workbook provides a review of the weekly curriculum, as well as exercises that will help you integrate your learning outside of class. Ongoing home practice is efficient and effective, so you can integrate your practice into your daily routine in as little as 20 minutes a day.

Enroll to receive


5 weekly live zoom classes


Expert guidance and coaching from Adam Cook


Recorded audio and video meditations


Goal-mapping to help you reach your goals


Foundation Course workbook


Community support and connection

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Embark on your own evolution.

Our courses are designed for motivated individuals seeking a deeper experience of living. They’re right for you if you’re ready to commit to learning that goes beyond the usual meditation practices to redirect your energy and help you move beyond your limitations. You’re ready to tap into your innate power and open into higher spiritual states. To make space for a new practice. To look closely at your life and learn to trust your inner guide.

If you’re ready to embark on your own evolution, we invite you to join us.


Experience a higher state of living.

The simple act of bringing attention to your body, and the subtler energy systems at play within it, can lead to expanded self-awareness and a greater sense of calm. Combined with the techniques of guided meditation, energy awareness, visualization and life-mapping, the effects are nothing short of life-changing. Our unified approach changes your perspective and creates new neural pathways for new habits, so your mind and body become a source of delight, creativity and health.


Choose your plan.

Tier 1

Learn at your own pace, with access to Leval’s online portal. (January 2023)

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Tier 2

Includes Tier 1 benefits plus weekly interactive group sessions via Zoom and access to small-group chat forums.


Tier 3

Gather your own spiritual community.

Email to support@levallife.com
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