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The path to enlightenment has always seemed exclusive to a certain group of people—those with the time and inclination to dedicate their lives to its pursuit. Meanwhile, the rest of us are offered admonishments to “stretch more” and meditate, without ever truly learning how or why we should do so. We achieve a fleeting sense of calm, but our life trajectories are unchanged.

Leval provides practical physical application and a guided path to recognizing your innermost self. By connecting with your true nature, you can live a life of unbounded bliss.

How it works

A path to awaken your true self.


Emotional trauma can cause debilitating changes to the body, affecting the brain’s stress responses and even altering neurotransmitter pathways. Leval’s teachings are backed by science for a grounded approach to healing.

Ancient Wisdom Tradition

Our courses draw on the best of ancient wisdom traditions, including physical, spiritual, psychological, and cognitive practices to navigate life in an awakened consciousness.

Self Healing

Through our customized, body-based approach, you can transform suffering into inspiration. Learn to not just uncover trauma, but to heal from it and release its burden so you can create and live the life you most deeply desire. 


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Physical and spiritual expertise

Both Jacyntha and Adam are Source Code Meditation facilitators, Mastery Certified Practitioners in Higher Brain Living®, and part of the Elite leadership cohort at the New Human University.

This work is based on the approach and programs developed by Dr. Michael Cotton called Source Code Meditation and The 9 Summits of Transformation. We highly recommend reading Dr. Cotton’s book: Source Code Meditation: Hacking Evolution Through Higher Brain Activation

Jacyntha Kamor

Jacyntha Kamor brings decades of in-depth experience and education. She holds a bachelor’s in Movement Therapy, a certificate in Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach (IIN), and many other certifications in various healing modalities. She has also been guided by renowned international healers, shamans, and spiritual teachers.

Jacyntha has been a facilitator, coach, and teacher around the country and beyond, from indigenous lands in New Mexico to universities including Harvard, Duke, and Columbia. Jacyntha believes in each individual’s innate capacity for wholeness, wisdom, and creativity to harmonize all of life. By applying her rich background to revolutionary new methodologies, she has helped thousands of students reach remarkable levels of growth.

Adam Cook

At native Midwesterner, Adam Michael Cook is considered one of NYC’s top practitioners of corrective bodywork, with clientele ranging from stay-at-home parents to executives and professional athletes, and even other wellness practitioners. He holds degrees in Business Management and Science and Massage Therapy.

Adam’s spiritual and professional training have forged his innate strengths, including a profound ability to intuitively perceive others’ needs and adapt his skills to meet them. Source Code Meditation has channeled his strengths and experiences into his full potential in the role of teacher and guide. He passionately lives his purpose to teach and support others in realizing their soul’s full potential.


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